Chemoton theory, Volume I
Theoretical foundation of fluid automata

(OMIKK. 1984)

„The chemoton theory started as the theory of the nature of living systems, and it broadened slowly to the general theory of fluid (chemical ) automata. It is not an abstract mathematical theory, but rather an engineering one, i.e. it studies how from chemical reaction systems fluid automata can be created, and how these automata operate. Thus it discusses not only the constructional basic principles, but provides concrete examples, in many cases even industrially realised technological examples for the individual constructions.

The first volume of this monograph gets us acquainted with the „elementary parts” of fluid automata and their ways of coupling; with the self-reproducing components and the self-reproducing and then proliferating fluid machines built of them, among them with the most interesting fluid automaton, the proliferating, programme-controlled fluid automaton, the chemoton. The last chapter of the book shows how from these chemotons specific computer elements can be developed, and outlines the constructional principles of the cogitator, the in its basic operational principles totally new, „thinking” computer.

The second volume of this monograph deals with the explanation of the operation, origin of living systems, and the development of the living world, based on the chemoton theory. "