Chemoton theory, Volume II
Theory of living systems

(OMIKK, 1989)

„The first volume of this two-volume monograph showed the general principles of the theory of fluid automata. The quantitative methods, cycle-stoichiometry and stoichiokinetics making the algebraic description of fluid automata possible, as well as their construction from the  elementary chemical reaction steps to programme-controlled fluid automata proliferating by division, the chemotons are here provided.

The scond volume of the monograph contains the application of the theory of fluid automata to living systems. If, namely, living systems operate basically as fluid automata, the theory has to provide a possibility for discussing the living systems in an exact, quantitative, theoretical way. The volume first shows that chemotons have the properties of living systems, and also in the opposite way, the organisation of living systems corresponds to that of chemotons. After that, on the basis of the chemoton theory, it derives biogenesis and prebiological evolution until the appearance of enzymes and genes, i.e. till the formation of procariotic cells. Finally, the volume outlines the possibility of developing an exact, quantitative, theoretical biology, and its possible applications in the fields of biotechnology and the synthesis of artificial living systems.”