Life and its birth

(Tankönyvkiadó, 1980)

Zsizny i jeje proiszhozsdenije

(Proszbesenyije, Moszkva , 1984)


„To my young friends who like to think and understand the world”

„What is life, and how it came into being?
Is death necessary?
Is there immortality and resurrection?
Is there life outside the Earth?

Thinking people look for answers in vain to these questions for thousands of years. The possibility to answer them is emerging only at present based on our scientific results.

This book is elaborating these serious questions with an interesting good reading, personal experience and stories, and provides a unique solution for the question, how the original primordial organic matter is organised  to a living, functioning system. At the same time, it provides an insight into research and the internal secrets of the workshop of the researcher.

This edition is intended mainly for young people, but it can have the interest also of adults, or even professionals. The stories and fairy-tale figures do not decrease the gravity of the thoughts and the professional exactness of the answers to them. The clear and simple style of the author assists in this, his ability to simplify even the most complex train of thoughts, emphisizing the essentials helps to understand his thoughts. The caricatures of Ferenc Sajdik strengthen not only the bitterish humour in the text, but also make understandig easier and more playful.”