On the bosom of nature

Novum Verlag, 2009


This manuscript belongs to the highest category of popular science. It is no wonder, since the author is not only an internationally known scientist, but also an excellent educator. He is Dc.S. in biology, obtained the Hermann Otto Prize, and he was also rewarded with the Pro Natura Prize in 1989. He was the Secretary of the Hungarian Society for Biology, and the President of the Central Committee of Environment and Nature Protection of MTESz. He worked in the Advisory Boards of several Ministries of Environment Protection. He also created an enterprise for environment protection dealing mainly with the environmental impact of hydraulic power plants. He published great many articles and books being partly professional books of theoretical biology, partly writings and articles dealing with environment protection and knowledge about nature.

His style used in his educational books is extremely individual, he shows the topic mostly by starting from some personal experience originating mainly from his childhood, the effects and countereffects are shown afterwards by describing  different stories showing the consequences and the possibilities for avoiding them. Thus, these writings could be considered also literature, even if they did not deal with strictly scientific topics, with strict scholarly way. Therefore his books, similarly to this one, are extremely good readings, and can, eventually, be read also separetely by individual chapters.

The present book emphasizes the most interesting cases of 70 years of experience, those meaning an ever increasing problem today, as well. His fancy rambles freely among his subjects, but each line leads the reader unnoticed from one topic to the next one. His themes change between living and lifeless nature including the evaluation or reevaluation of former fellow-scientists.

His characteristics are a fine observing capacity, and razor-sharp logical conclusions. He does not leave place to the smallest contradiction, and his train of thoughts is usually started by missing logical relationships. He is a vrery strict follower of nature protection, but he does not spare the environment protectors either if they are going to the wrong direction.

The written text is illustrated by documental photos. Several of them – owing to being centuries old technical photos – differ very much in their quality, but this ensures their being authentic. With their authenticity, they support the text.

For the youth, this book provides an insight into the past, and for older people it livens up their memories, in the meantime, educating always in an unnoticed way.

Tibor Simon

emeritus professor of ELTE

At the backside

„The internationally well-known scientist , theoretical biologist provides an abundant bunch of his experience obtained through mountains, valleys and waters in a fascinating style, extraordinary observance and razor-sharp logic. It does not lack in mild irony and hard critics towards science, environment protection, but also towards politics. It should be read!”