Revolution in research of life

(Gondolat, 1966)

„Research of life, approaching it by means of physical and chemical methods developed in the last decade with a revolutionary progress. On experimental basis, numerous secrets were discovered being several decades ago only in a theoretical, hypothetic form explainable, more or less correctly. Practically the discovery of the material basis for heritage occurred, which fact meant, at the same time, the answering of questions being the subject of  long discussions, but also the emerging numerous new questions.  

This book was written by the author at that border point. He summarises the results achieved by experimental biology, and clarifies, explains the tasks to be solved in the future by the new branch of science- molecular biology. The author, as the practical worker of this new science branch, gives place for his own ideas and hypotheses as well. The book provides a very vividly descriptive cross section of the international stage of molecular biology research, its most important phases, supported by the most up-to-date sources abroad. At the same time, the book has also a function in science history: the reader gets acquainted with the most important names of researchers of modern molecular biology. By means of the clear figures, the interested reader gets a survey about todays status and perspectives of modern molecular biology.”