Visegrád - The citadel - Castle in the clouds

Kucsák Nyomda, Vác, 2010
/Posthumous Release/



This is a tale  of TIME and WEATHER. TIME means “KRONOS” which moves forward from one irreversible second to the next without stopping and with the accuracy and indifferent relentlessness of a chronometer. Nevertheless, it always repeats itself. This book also  describes weather which also proceeds second by second with either capricious playfulness and soft caresses or, quite the opposite, with cruel force, sometimes unhurried and sometimes at great speed, but never repeating itself.

This book illustrates through photographs the cooperation and the struggles, the friendship and rivalry of TIME and WEATHER. If you like one can even regard this book as a history book which illustrates, in captures moments, the flow of time and weather in 2006, and their friendly agreements and arguments. All the  photographs of Visegrád Castle are taken from same position (West of the Castle) in Nagymaros, on the opposite side of the Danube, thus neither the object (the castle) nor the view changes.

This means that around both the spring and autumn solstice, the sun rises behind the Castle creating wonderful effects on the draperies of dawn clouds, which either rush by  or remain hesitant. It also  means that the full moon rises behind the Castle, if the sky is cloudless, giving the impression that an UFO could be taking off or landing. Finally, it means as well that the last weary rays of the setting sun hit the Castle draping it in a crimson diaphanous veil, perhaps following an afternoon shower which conjure  up a magical rainbow. When night falls, the illuminated Castle sits like a motionless crown atop a still and peaceful landscape. The weather, even then, cannot remain motionless and sometimes clouds either cover the Castle completely or lightly dance around the glowing Citadel like, veiled maidens.

TIME is competing against WEATHER. “

By Dr Tibor Gánti