The Principle of Life

Fourth, revised Hungarian edition

(OMIKK, 1983)

Made based on the second edition (Gondolat, 1978)

„The chemoton theory is compared by some people to the epoch-marking discoveries of science history, others refuse it categorically. After reading the book, the reader can make a judgment by himself, if not about the professional details, since the author leads the reader through the main ideas of the chemoton theory by affording a good, interesting reading by leaving out the strictly professional details and equations. When reading this book, the reader can get acquainted with the different ideas about the secret of life, how can be differentiated between living and not living, how is it possible to build „machines” and instruments from a mere liquid, and what is the secret of self-reproduction. It deals with both the origin of life and the artificial production of living systems. And the fact itself that this is the fourth edition of this book shows that for every thinking human being it is worth reading, and even thinking over.”