The Vanishing Islands at Vác

(Vác, 1994)

„In the childhood, everyone wants to be a discoverer. The unknown attracts, and after switching off the light, we still hear the roaring of the sea.

There are children who do not give up, and since the sea is very far away, they start to discover the near hills and rivers. Adults see only the monotony in the river, and do not notice the islands emerging from them.

Tibor Gánti, as a child, discovered the nature long forgotten by adults, and later on, he made it exciting for us by adding a lot of thrilling episodes. These short stories are not only exciting, but also instructive, as not only the child, but also the adult Professor Gánti confesses about these natural phenomena.

When I read this book through, I felt it was only now that I understood how this nature was before man started to devastate the surrounding nature, and that how important it is not only remember, but also to do something for it.

This book is message, in which animals, plants, hills and valleys, waters and the islands vanishing in it send word to us:

Do not forget that we are all sisters and brothers, and we are only capable of living together."


György Bíró